The rotating tea kettle and the dancing building… the 6 strangest, most attractive buildings around the world

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We often see many buildings that are designed in strange shapes and do not mean anything and have no specific purpose. In our next report, we review some of those strange buildings that stop us a lot to think about the purpose of their designer. And “The Seventh Day” reviews many of the strangest forms of buildings around the world, according to what he published. location “planradar“.

Beagle dog hotel

The hotel is located in the US state of Idaho, designed in the form of a cartoon dog. The hotel receives guests in rooms that contain a refrigerator, microwave, free internet, and a bathtub. The cost per night in this hotel is reasonable, as the cost of a one-night stay for two people is $132, and the hotel receives humans and dogs.

A hotel in the shape of a dog

Hemisphere Valencia

It is a building shaped like a hemisphere in Valencia, Spain, or resembling a giant human eye, and it was designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, and the design was equipped to be a 3D cinema with technology IMAX.


Ohio’s Vegetable Basket Building

Called the Basket Building, it is considered a monument of Western architecture, and was to be the first in a series of bizarre structures in many countries. The world’s largest basket-shaped house celebrated its reopening as a luxury hotel in 2020.

fruit basket
fruit basket

The dancing building in Prague

Named because it resembles a couple dancing together, it was designed by architect Frank Gehry and was nicknamed “Fred and Ginger”, and it is an unparalleled piece of art.

The dancing building
The dancing building

The crooked building in Poland

The crooked building, or twisted one, is part of a shopping center in the Polish city of Sopot. This unusual building is one of the most photographed landmarks in the country, because it gives viewers the impression that they are drunk.

crooked house
crooked house

tea pot in China

It is one of the strange and distinctive buildings, and it is a colorful, distinctive and luminous teapot of the Chinese sky. The giant teapot not only contains elaborate lighting, but also rotates, and this is a very good thing. After the opening of the teapot house, a Chinese government committee decided to prevent builders in all across the country from building houses of strange shapes.

tea house
tea house


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