Important steps to teach your children manners at a young age

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We often hear phrases such as “tomorrow will grow up and be sensible”, but in fact the young child can learn the basics of dialogue and good manners, as his learning is not linked to a certain age, so the mother must teach her child some values ​​and morals at an early age, so the parents must That they be aware of modern methods of education and agree on what they will do to raise a child who is decent, classy, ​​and loving to others, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, some basic points for child learning, according to what Hala Al-Azab, an expert in etiquette and human relations, indicated.

Children learn values ​​at a young age

The most important basic points when teaching a child morals and values ​​at an early age:


Dialogue with the child at a young age makes him able to express his feelings while responding to his words with calm and ethical responses, without compulsory correction, but indirect correction makes the child more understanding and accepting of speech.

tell stories

Mothers are able to make up stories where they want to say somethingOne of the most enjoyable times for the child is the time of listening to stories and tales. The continuity of telling makes the child remember the story when similar actions occur to it in reality.

Reinforcing good behavior:

One of the important things that motivates the child is to reinforce the good behavior that he performs from time to time, provided that it is not closely associated with a gift every time the child performs a good deed. Changing the gift does not make the child ask for his gift boldly as if it is an obligatory matter.

respect old people:

We all know that the child is a mirror of his parents, he behaves as they behave and speaks with their tongues even in their body language, so the child must see from us a great deal of respect for the elderly in dealing, dialogue and precedence, and help them in all their affairs

Respect for the other:

Parents must develop respect for the other within the child, so that he deals with any person and he appreciates and respects him for his size, color, religion, and work. Raising the child from childhood to respect the other is one of the important things so that the child does not turn into a bully child without our knowledge, and this not good quality makes the child not Creepy and unpopular.

Ways to help a child learn values ​​at a young age
Ways to help a child learn values ​​at a young age
Methods of teaching values ​​to children
Methods of teaching values ​​to children


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