Different ways help women with a small body to wear appropriate clothes

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Every girl is keen to look the most beautiful, whether she chooses a new haircut, wears clothes of cheerful colors, or wears makeup that increases her beauty and femininity.

Many girls may feel confused when choosing the clothes they wear that are appropriate to the size of their body, which increases their self-confidence, especially those with a small body who most of the time resort to high shoes to appear taller and larger in size, and this may often be exhausting, but there are some tips that can be done to make the appearance elegant and as desired by the girl with a small body, according to the “purewow“.

Important tips to consider when wearing clothes:

Show ankle:

The girl should avoid wearing long and exaggerated pants, as the edges of the oversized pants or jeans may fall off, and part of the ankle should be shown between the beginning of the shoes and the end of the pants.

Show the ankle

Stay away from straight jeans:

Jeans can be worn with different shapes of shoes, such as pointed shoes, which are round in the front, and if the pants are long, an opening can be made in them to make the look distinctive and elegant.

Straight jeans

Straight jeans

Make the waist high:

There is another way to make the body longer than it is, for the clothes to be short that reaches the belly button, or does not reach the thigh bones, which gives a length between the torso and the leg, with wearing high-waisted pants or even a skirt raised above the thigh can be worn to obtain Relatively taller and very elegant looking.

High waist

High waist

Vertical lines give a look longer than usual:

Every girl has in her wardrobe a classic striped blouse in length, to give a look longer than usual, because the lines that run along the body from above to the foot give extra length, and it is possible to wear pants with a blouse or cardigan on it or any piece of long strings to give an elegant look.

Striped clothes

Striped clothes

Body Fit Dresses:

Dresses can be chosen to fit the shape of the body greatly, to give the details of the body and make it defined, which gives a shape and look that is thinner than the usual length.



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