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The hairstyle has many forms of straightening the hair, wrapping the hair, putting a tock and many other things to give the girl a distinctive, elegant and delicate look, and for this the girl searches for everything that is new to make the look different every time from the other. There is an easy and accessible way for every girl, which is to use scarves to make them accessories of the utmost sophistication and beauty in their dazzling, brilliant colors.stylecraze“.

Different ways to wear the scarf over the hair:

French braid using a scarf:

A sophisticated feminine look can be obtained by making a regular French braid with the hair and wrapping a scarf over it, which gives the color of the scarf an unusual spring look for lovely and beautiful hair, by making a French braid and until reaching the end of the braid, the braid can be tied with a rubber band, and then it is The scarf was held at the end of the braid in a very beautiful way.

French braid with a scarf

Curls with a scarf:

This hairstyle is very fun and feminine, easy and can be done quickly, and it is suitable for short hair and long hair, by combing the hair and tying the scarf on top of the head and taking the excess satin scarf and tying it over the scarf with another knot, and the hair can be curled with a hair iron to give a delicate touch.

Curly hair

Curly hair

Cake using a scarf:

A bun can be made with the hair using a rubber band, by making a ponytail, then wrapping the hair around itself, tying it with an elastic band, and then tying a scarf on it at the base to cover the rubber band, for a simple and very elegant and feminine look.

Cake with a scarf

Cake with a scarf

Low ponytail using a scarf:

A different hairstyle can be done by styling the hair with a hair iron to create waves, with a low ponytail and securing it with an elastic band, wrapping the scarf around the ponytail with the center of the scarf placed under the base of the ponytail, and tying it to give an unusual streamlined shape.

Low ponytail
Low ponytail


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