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Hatinyan, a Japanese makeup artist and internet influencer, has the power to completely change his look to the point where he becomes completely unrecognizable. The 22-year-old Hatinyan is extremely popular in Japan, with nearly 700,000 followers on Twitter, and millions of fans on Twitter. Platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, but his popularity has recently transcended the borders of Japan after one of his tweets went viral, in which he posted a picture of himself before and during makeup. Aside from a piercing under his lower lip, there is no way to say that he is the same person in both pictures.

Hatinyan upsets the followers

The young makeup artist amazed his online audience with his transformations, but his problem is that he’s so good that people don’t think he’s the same person when he posts before and after pictures, which is why he encourages people to check out his clips on YouTube and TikTok to see the magic he does. with it.

What distinguishes Hatinian from other make-up transgender people is that he does not take himself too seriously, as most of his content is based on the contradiction between his real appearance and the look of the character he creates with make-up.


The Japanese artist does not use effects

The young Japanese artist also admits that he retouches his photos, but claims he does most of the work using actual makeup.

Recently, many so-called “influencers” have appeared on social media, manipulating makeup to change their appearance, or to imitate the appearance of other actors, movie stars, society, as well as fictional movie heroes and football players.

Before and after makeup
Before and after makeup


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