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In a small “crying” in any exhibition held for handicrafts inside and outside the Fayoum governorate, her distinctive crochet products are displayed on a table in front of her so that passers-by who admire her work can inspect them and buy them from her due to their quality and beauty of appearance. These works, which came after 17 years, were spent by Fatima Abdullah Mahmoud, the daughter of Ibshway Center in Fayoum Governorate in the crochet industry.

Fatima says that she resides in one of the villages of Ibshway Center in Fayoum Governorate, and 17 years ago, she obtained a commercial diploma and found herself sitting in her home without work, and she felt that she had to look for a profession that suited her village and did not force her to leave her house much to practice her life as a mother besides her work, so she set out I searched a lot and settled on learning how to make crochet products because it is a profession that is practiced at home and marketing its products is easy and the products attract many women to buy them.

Fatima pointed out that she traveled to Cairo and learned through training courses she joined until she became a professional in the art of crochet and produced thousands of products over many years. She promoted her products by selling to shops, and coordinating with the Directorate of Social Solidarity to participate in various exhibitions. Through social media, the product is shipped and sent to the customer through representatives of shipping companies.

Fatima indicated that she began to notice that there are many girls and women like her who sit in homes without work and wish to be engaged in any craft that generates income for them and helps women in spending on their families as well as helping girls prepare themselves for marriage, so she decided to train girls in the crochet industry, and indeed she started in He held training courses for them at her home, and after she succeeded in this, the Directorate of Manpower contacted her, and she joined the Directorate as a trainer for girls on the art of crocheting. The Directorate holds training courses at its headquarters and provides training.

Fatima stressed that work makes a lot of difference in a woman’s life, occupies her free time and helps her spend on her family, stressing that she calls on all women and girls to become workers and train themselves by joining the Manpower Directorate’s courses, whether for teaching the art of crochet or any other courses for teaching other industries. Every woman and girl according to her desire and according to what she likes from the industries. It is important that she learn one of these industries and have a job to do and a source of income, and this will be a reason for her happiness and a sense of her value.

Fatima demanded that attention be paid to marketing the products of handicraftsmen and to increase the number of exhibitions that are held nationwide to display their products, stressing that the problem of marketing products is the biggest problem she faces.


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