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52 rumors in May and the economy topped it with a rate of 40 percent

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publish date 2023-05-31 16:08:12

The Jordanian Media Credibility Monitor, AKEED, recorded in its report for the month of May 52 rumors, an increase of 8 rumors from last April.

The Observatory said in its report on rumors, today, Wednesday, that the number of rumors that were denied during the current month amounted to 52, compared to 44 rumors during last April.

He pointed out that 21 economic rumors constituted 40 percent of the total rumors recorded this month, 15 security rumors accounted for 29 percent, 8 public affairs rumors accounted for 15 percent, 4 health rumors, and 4 political rumors accounted for 8 percent each. Record any social rumor.

In its report, the Observatory indicated that 47 rumors out of all the rumors for the month of May originated from internal sources, 3 rumors from external sources, and two rumors of unknown origin.

He pointed out that 42 rumors, at a rate of 81 percent of the total rumors recorded, came from social media, while the media was a channel for 10 rumors, at a rate of 19 percent.

And the Observatory indicated that it began documenting since the beginning of this year the incorrect news that is spreading on a large scale without any party coming forward to deny it, in addition to the rumors that are being denied officially or by the relevant party.

The Observatory explained that the basic rule in dealing with content produced by social media users is not to re-publish it unless it is verified from a reliable source.

He pointed out that the adoption of social media users as a source of news without taking into account the accuracy of the content or not, causes the publication of a lot of incorrect news, and thus the promotion of rumors and the spread of misleading and wrong information.

Akeed publishes, on its website, reports verifying the misleading and false information that is spreading in the media, out of its desire to raise awareness of the seriousness of the spread of this incorrect information and its negative impact on society.

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