“She is definitely silent and not talking.” 5 reasons why your partner or sweetheart is silent

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“Absolutely silent and not talking, not complaining or crying,” the famous clip of the song that expresses the strength of sadness and disappointment that a woman may be subjected to as a result of her life partner’s treatment of her. Men are surprised by the change in the nature of their beloved, and her feelings of apathy and failure to present all the meanings of love to him, and he may also notice that she ignores her and becomes a silent mass, which makes this silence not a sign of contentment at all, but rather it is considered a strong sign of the existence of a problem that the man did not know anything about, which makes him wonder about The reason for all these sudden changes, and he tries to restore that beautiful relationship, which is easy to return to as it was, especially if he knows the reasons and works to solve them, and the seventh day reviews the reasons why women suddenly ignore their men, according to the site “pinkvilla” as follows.


angry at you

You have to review the events that took place recently between you, and ask yourself, have you had a fight, argument, or disagreement recently with her? And if you are guilty, send her a letter of apology and explain your point of view, and if you are innocent, try to understand her point of view and try to understand her.

You feel insecure

One of the biggest things that men often make mistakes is reassuring their partner, and they often find themselves thinking about simple things and situations around them to the point of exposing them to stress. In such situations, they expect their man to reassure them, and if you do not do that, you increase their lack of confidence. have security.

Feeling insecure
Feeling insecure

You didn’t make a move

If you’ve always been dating and love each other, and you don’t make a move, you may feel insignificant, ignored, it is possible that she gave you signals or hints that you missed and did not focus with her.

Don’t defend it

If you are in a romantic relationship, you both make a stand for each other no matter what the situation is, treat yourself as a team, if she notices that you are not only taking a stand for her in the good situations and letting her deal with things or blaming her in the bad times on her own, it might make her, lose her confidence your.

Emotional problems
Emotional problems

feeling boring

Every relationship tends to get bored over time because it is human nature to have a desire for change. Some people, if it is too late to change the monotony of the relationship, become bored and ignored, and never return again.


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