Natural recipes for exfoliating the skin with sugar..with lemon for lightening and oatmeal for fat

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Every girl wants to have radiant and soft skin, so that she feels healthy and beautiful, and there are many skin care products that give the skin smoothness, but the girl may want to use natural materials on her skin, so that she feels beautiful and at the same time does not feel any harm It is mentioned, and there are many natural recipes that a girl can make by using sugar, according to the “healthshots“.

Sugar helps retain skin moisture, exfoliates the skin and prevents any dryness, by drawing moisture from the natural environment of skin cells.


Natural sugar recipes that can be done at home

Skin scrub of sugar and lemon

Sugar and lemon work to reduce dark and dark spots on the skin, by mixing two tablespoons of fine sugar with the juice of four grains of lemon, and the skin is massaged with the tips of the fingers while moving it in a circular motion on the face, then washed with water.



Skin scrub of green tea and sugar

Green tea is one of the antioxidants that has many anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, while giving the skin freshness and helping to reduce acne, by mixing a teaspoon of green tea leaves with a teaspoon of sugar, and adding a few drops of olive oil. He wants it a little thick, and the ingredients are applied to the skin and left for a while, then gently rubbed into the skin, using the tips of the fingers to remove any dirt or dead skin from the face when rinsing it.

Skin scrub

Skin scrub

Skin scrub of oatmeal and sugar

Oatmeal is a great ingredient for oily skin and acne, because it absorbs excess oils from the skin. A tablespoon of oatmeal and a teaspoon of sugar can be mixed with drops of olive oil or honey as desired. The mixture is applied to the skin and left for 10 minutes, then Gently wash off with water.



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