Etiquette of eating summer fruits.. from watermelon to grapes and apricots

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Summer is famous for many types of delicious and delicious fruits that we love to serve to guests as part of hospitality duties. However, in many cases, some people eat summer fruits in an unacceptable way that causes inconvenience and embarrassment to others. In the following lines, “The Seventh Day” reviews the etiquette of eating summer fruits, for example, the rules of etiquette for eating grapes, and the etiquette of eating apricots, according to what was indicated by Hala Al-Azab, the etiquette expert.

Watermelon eating etiquette

Etiquette for eating summer fruits: Etiquette for eating watermelon:

Watermelon is one of the delicious fruits, but dealing with its seeds may be embarrassing for some, so the etiquette expert advises when presenting it to remove the seeds, and present them as small cubes that allow full entry into the mouth, along with paper tissues. Mouth and take out the seeds from the mouth and put them next to the plate or on a separate plate.

If the pieces are large, a fork and knife should be provided with the watermelon dish, so the watermelon is cut into small pieces and the seeds are removed from it before eating.

Etiquette of eating peaches, apricots and plums:

The etiquette of eating peaches, apricots, and plums is very similar because they are similar in shape and have almost the same characteristics with a different taste. They must be served with a plate, fork and knife, and we must not forget the dining towel because these fruits contain simple water and their stains are difficult to clean. The seed, the fruit is cut with a fork and a knife, and a small piece is eaten with a fork, the seeds are collected on the left of the plate.

Apple eating etiquette:

The apple is clamped with the forefinger and thumb, and then cut into four parts, and each part is cut into two parts to become eight pieces. Then the piece is fixed diagonally for ease of cutting the seed area and peeling its skin, and we complete the remaining eight pieces with the peel and seeds placed on the left of the plate, and the slices are cut into small pieces and eaten with a fork.

Grape Etiquette:

best way to serve grapes,Place it separate from its cluster in small bowls with a single-toothed fork or a pick to eat the grapes one by one, or serve as small clusters, with eating starting from the bottom of the cluster.

Apricot eating etiquette
Apricot eating etiquette
Etiquette of eating grapes
Etiquette of eating grapes


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