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Major grocery stores have resorted to replacing non-analyzable plastic bags with other environmentally friendly bags, and with the increase in awareness, these bags have spread widely, whether for use within those markets or in public uses, and this is what made everyone have an unlimited selection of them, and they may cause accidents. Clutter while storing them, and this is what makes some people get rid of them sometimes because they do not know how to store them, so the seventh day reviews some steps that help you organize those bags, according to the “”bhg” as follows.


Take the time to declutter

You immediately decide to de-clutter, gather all the bags you own in one place to sort through whether they are worth keeping, serviceable or discarded, and then match the groups together, in size and shape.

Master the art of folding

The art of folding may help reduce the space used for storage, just start by bending the bottom sides to create a flat bag, then flatten it on the surface, then fold the rest of the sides over it in an even size, and use the handle to secure the application, twisting it more than once.

plastic bags
plastic bags

Use one of the bags to save the rest

This method is incredibly simple and easy, and it does not require more tools. Fold all the bags and stack them in order of size in the bag. Once the bag is full, it can be placed upright or hung anywhere such as a kitchen cupboard, closet clothes, or even the trunk of a car.

Use a desk organizer

The office organizer can be exploited by stacking the folded bags in one size in it, and when using this method it looks almost identical to the kitchen shelves with different dividers.

Bag storage
Bag storage

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If you need them within easy reach, you can use a clothes hanger and hang them behind the kitchen or balcony door, and make each loop a specific size. This visual way to store reusable bags reduces the possibility of forgetting them when you leave the house.

Use S hooks on shelving units

You can use hooks S It’s inexpensive to hang bags on the side of a shelving unit or if you really want to contain clutter, use the first method to create a bag out of bags, then hang it up.

Use the hook on the letter s
Use the hook on the letter s


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