6 qualities that make successful team members… and simple steps to improve your teamwork ability

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The ability to achieve goals in the workplace requires collaboration with others. Whether you are currently part of a team or preparing to join a new one, developing strong teamwork skills can help you succeed in your career, no matter what your level or industry.. In the following lines, we discuss what it means to be an influential part of a group at work, the common characteristics of the whole team, and how you can improve your teamwork skills.. This is according to the siteindeed“.

Are you good at working in a team?

Employers are looking for candidates who can work in a team, that is, they can work well in a team environment. Typically “teamworkers” have excellent communication, collaboration, active listening, and problem-solving skills. To build your teamwork skills, consult your manager or a trusted co-worker to identify areas for improvement.

Team members are people who actively contribute to their group in order to complete tasks, achieve goals, or manage projects. They listen intently to co-workers, respect ideas, and aim to improve the product or process at hand. Team members understand that their team’s success is their own success, and they share responsibility when their team encounters difficulties along the way.

Working in a team

Work_within_a team
Work_within_a team

Qualities of team members

There are many common skills that make great team members. While soft skills are not as easily learned as technical skills, they can certainly be developed with time and practice.Here are several qualities you can focus on to become a better team member:

1. You understand your role

As a team member, you understand your role within the team and work to fulfill your duties to the best of your ability. Although you may provide assistance or solutions to members of other teams, you also respect the boundaries of your position.

2. You are welcome to cooperate

Working with a team means there will be different opinions and ideas. Even if you think your idea is the best, you should listen to all ideas before promoting your idea. Find compromises, and be respectful if your work is criticized.

3. You hold yourself accountable

Take responsibility for your mistakes and find solutions. Understand how your actions affect the whole group. In doing so you will learn from your mistakes and earn more respect from your team.

4. You are flexible

You should readily accept any tasks your manager assigns to you. Flexibility in your role allows you to learn more and help your team. See every opportunity as a learning opportunity.

5. Have a positive attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude even during bad times helps the rest of your team get through those difficult times without getting upset. Your positive behavior will create a better atmosphere.

6. You commit to the team

You must be fully invested in the team. You’ll be a great team player if you can show others that you believe in the group, the process, and the goals. This kind of positivity can radically increase morale and productivity.

Ways to improve your teamwork skills:

Offer to help

If you see a co-worker who seems overwhelmed or is struggling to keep up with tasks, ask if you can help.

Actively listen

Active listening means listening carefully and responding carefully to what your team member has to say. Ask questions about things you don’t understand.


Keep your team up to date on your progress and what you need to be successful in your business.

Respect others

Know that other team members are also trying to fulfill their roles, and think about how you can support them. Take the time to get to know your team.

Celebrate your teammates’ success

If a member of your team succeeds in the workplace, you are one step closer to completing the goal. Celebrate their success.


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