5 things in the bathroom that should be disposed or sterilized regularly, including hairbrushes

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Cleaning the bathroom periodically and almost daily is one of the basics that any housewife does, in order to maintain the health of her family, because the bathroom is one of the sources of bacteria, microbes and germs, but have you ever thought that there are certain things that must be cleaned in the bathroom daily and make sure that they are sterilized or Getting rid of them, and this is what the Seventh Day reviews, according to what was published by the “Seventh Day” website.bhg“.


Hair brushes and combs

Some may think that hair brushes only need to remove stuck hair from them, as they retain dust, dirt, oils and hair products, in addition to the accumulation of dust and water residues in the bathroom, and if they are not cleaned on a daily basis, covered and kept in a place free of moisture , just cause many problems in the hair and on the scalp, and to clean it, you can add a few drops of shampoo to warm water and mix until foam is formed, then dip an old toothbrush in it and comb the brush from the base, then rinse it with lukewarm water and leave it to dry.

bathroom mats

Bathroom mats are characterized by the possibility of forming mold, thanks to their moist environment, so make sure to wash them regularly, change them on a daily basis, and make sure to clean under them well, and it is preferable to wash them well and should be replaced at least every three months.

Sanitizing bathrooms
Sanitizing bathrooms


The loofah, whether made of natural or synthetic materials, with loofah, is a fertile ground for bacteria and mold. It is also an accumulation of dead skin cells that you get rid of when you take a shower. Most experts recommend getting rid of the loofah permanently at least every two months. By soaking it in vinegar, to make sure it is free from shower residue.

toilet brushes

Toilet brushes are considered one of the dirtiest tools in the bathroom and in the whole house at all, their role is to get rid of bacteria and dirt in the toilet, it is normal after using them to wear gloves and wash them with hot water and bleach, and soak them in it for an hour and then rinse them with hot water again, and it is preferable to get rid of them monthly.

bathroom cleaning
bathroom cleaning

toilet handle

Most of us clean the toilet bowl regularly, but we often skip its handle, which everyone touches before they stop at the sink. To prevent the spread of germs, wipe the toilet handle well every time you clean the bowl.

the bathroom
the bathroom


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