4 people do not want the month of May to end

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Many people feel that the month of May is longer than the previous months, so that they are designing “comics” different from it on social networking sites, so that some liken it to the year of May, but with the large number of people who dream of the end of the current month, there are some of them who wish it had remained for more than 31 years. days, and those we review in this report.

People who don’t want the month of May to end

They have an important occasion

Any person feels anxiety and tension when it is associated with an important event in his life, whether a wedding, engagement, or even attending an important conference, and other important events that require preparation for it, so they hope that the month of May does not end and they have to attend the occasion from which they feel anxiety and tension.

A satirical comic about May

High school students

During this period, high school students feel anxiety and tension, as the date of the general secondary exams scheduled for June 12 approaches, so many would like if the month of May lasted longer so that they had plenty of time so that they could review all the lessons in order to prepare for the exam marathon. And they get the final grades that qualify them to get into the college they’ve been dreaming of all along.

Project delivery

Some employees of a company are required to submit a project planning or create an idea for a project that helps increase the income of the institution or company in which they work and deliver it in the month of June, and therefore some feel anxious and tense whenever the project delivery date approaches, for fear of the reaction of the manager or the head of the company, so these They wish that the month of May would last for more than 31 days so that the project delivery date would not come close.

A satirical comic about May
A satirical comic about May

Achievements report during the month

Some employees are required to submit a report that includes the achievements that they were able to achieve and the profits that they achieved in the coming period, on the basis of which they are appreciated by their superiors at work, so they wish that the month of May lasted for more than 31 days.

Comic for the month of May
Comic for the month of May


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