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Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Joint Grant Fund to support the Ministry of Health

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publish date 2023-05-30 19:07:40

Today, Tuesday, the Minister of Health, Dr. Firas Al-Hawari, and Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Zina Touqan, held a meeting of the Steering Committee of the Joint Grant Fund, which contributes to the support of the Ministry of Health to provide health services to refugees.

During the meeting held at the Ministry of Health, the two ministers expressed their gratitude to the donors for the support provided to ease the burdens of hosting Syrian refugees, stressing the importance of sharing the burdens and the continuation of the donors to provide the necessary support through the fund to enable the government to provide and improve health services in line with the executive program of the vision. Economic modernization and public sector modernization roadmap.

The two ministers also stressed the importance of the international community assuming its responsibilities towards the refugees, in order to preserve the achievement made by the health sector in Jordan.

Al-Hawari reviewed the achievements made through the support provided by the Joint Grant Fund, which helped the Ministry in responding to the Corona pandemic, rehabilitating and equipping the Specialized Surgery Hospital in Al-Bashir Hospitals, equipping the cardiac catheterization unit in Zarqa Governmental Hospital, and providing many of the Ministry’s hospitals and health centers with the necessary medical devices. And the development of dialysis units and departments in several hospitals.
He presented the most important challenges facing the government health sector and the Ministry’s future plans in facing these challenges and turning them into opportunities to strengthen the health system for the continuity of providing the necessary health services to refugees and the communities hosting them, with the participation of all partners and the support of donors.

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