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After he was acquitted of rape charges.. Tariq Ramadan: They attack me because I am an independent Muslim

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publish date 2023-05-30 23:17:00

Swiss researcher and thinker Tariq Ramadan said that the attack he is exposed to in the West is mainly caused by his being French and European, who has a completely independent Islamic faith.

After his acquittal of the charge of rape that pursued him for many years, Ramadan appeared during an interview with the BFM channel, yesterday, Monday, to explain his point of view, saying, “Everyone used to introduce me as the cleric, the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna, but the truth is the opposite.”

Ramadan added, “I was attacked because I defend a certain point of view: how to be a French Muslim in a way that is independent of the view that the authorities are trying to impose on the Muslim community.”

Last Wednesday, the Geneva court acquitted preacher Tariq Ramadan of “rape and sexual coercion” and ruled that there was no evidence against him and compensation estimated at 154,000 euros.

The accusations leveled against him by a Swiss convert to Islam concern; Of rape in a Geneva hotel in 2008, Ramadan, 60, denied the accusations from the outset.

Ramadan is being tried in similar cases before the French judiciary, but he denies any sexual act and says he is a victim of a “political plot”.

Ramadan holds a PhD from the University of Geneva, where he wrote a thesis on the founder of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna, his maternal grandfather.

Ramadan was a professor of Islamic studies at Oxford University in the United Kingdom until November 2017 and a visiting professor at several universities in Morocco, Malaysia, Japan and Qatar.

Ramadan enjoys popularity in European Islamic circles, but it raises controversy, especially among advocates of secularism, who consider him a supporter of political Islam.

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