You can’t apologize for your mistakes.. Tips to help you apologize effectively

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Many of us make mistakes and find it difficult to apologize for our mistake. Human nature cannot admit its mistakes, and an apology requires courage. Saying sorry can put us in a position of vulnerability. We also do not control the responses of others, they may reject us and get excited and not accept our apology. These are all risks we can take in the spirit of wanting to get things right with regard to our behaviour. Whether apologizing for a major or minor event, saying we’re sorry can rebuild bridges that, if left unrepaired, could irreversibly damage our relationships.. In our next report, we offer tips for an effective and acceptable apology. psychcentral“.


We are human and we make mistakes from time to time so we require effective apologies:

Acknowledge the offending behavior. This is an opportunity to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and show empathy for the person being hurt or suffering. “That was reckless of me and made you feel anxious and disrespected. I’m sorry.” Don’t use the word “but” in an apology. Be honest and humble.


Try to tell the other person what you will do to make things right. The hurt is the feelings, not something tangible. So ask the other person what they want from you.

Promise that the behavior will not happen again

True apologies go beyond words. You could say, “From now on, I will honor our appointments, and will be sure to contact you if for any reason I am unable to do so.” Be realistic and don’t make overly ambitious promises that you can’t keep. Make sure you keep your promise afterwards, so the other person doesn’t question your credibility and commitment to change.

Other tips you can give

Write your apology. A written apology has a magical effect on the other. Choose appropriate and effective words and be sincere when you apologize.

Apologize as soon as possible.

Let go of being right. The important thing is that you show that you understand the other person’s feelings, even if neither of you agree.

Don’t be overly apologetic, call yourself a terrible person, or insult yourself with any word or expression.

Don’t expect immediate forgiveness. Give the person time to forget and calm down


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