The longest cruise, which lasts for 3 years, is threatened with cancellation.. Find out the details

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Several months ago, the cruise company announced,Life at Sea Cruisesannounced the launch of its next 130,000-mile voyage, promoted as the world’s first 3-year cruise, which prompted many to sell their homes in preparation for the trip of a lifetime.


The flight is in crisis

But it seems that the flight that was to depart from the Turkish city of Istanbul on the first of November is facing a crisis, so that some customers demanded a refund of their money, as the company’s work team was separated.Life at Sea Cruises“about company”Miray CruisesAfter a clear deterioration in communication regarding the suitability of the ship for the trip.

Mike Peterson, former managing director ofLife at Sea Cruisessite CNNthat he and the rest of the members of the founding team had “done” from the project, and while there was speculation about the cancellation of the cruise, Kendra Holmes, director of business development and commercial operations at Miray InternationalThis journey continues, during a webinar conducted by a panel Miray Executive, Wednesday evening.

“This cruise is not going to be cancelled,” Holmes said.

However, it is still not clear if the flight will go ahead aboard MV Gemini Mother on another ship, Holmes added: “The name of the ship now is Geminibefore explaining that she is unable to discuss the issue of a new ship at this time.

In an interview with CNNHolmes confirmed that they are unable to reveal any details of the potential new ship due to the confidentiality of the contract, “which is standard in the cruise industry”.

“We expect to share more information with customers over the coming weeks, but when we release the information, we will not be able to determine the current name of the vessel or the company from which it was purchased,” she said.

But she added that customers will be informed of the ship’s total tonnage and the number of cabins available.

In a previous press release in March, he announced the project again MV Gemini It will undergo a “refurbishment” to suitability for a flight.

But according to Irina Strembitsky, former director of sales and marketing for the company Life at Sea CruisesThe ship, which can hold up to 1,074 passengers, was deemed “unseaworthy” by an engineer, who also expressed doubts that it would be able to complete a 3-year voyage.

And in her conversation with CNNHolmes disputes these claims, and explains that the term “unseaworthy” is so specific that it relates to the safety of a ship such that the ship has a sufficient number of lifeboats, anti-skid decks, among other requirements to ensure her safety).

And she continued: “With this, every cruise ship must have a ship safety certificate issued by the classification society to which the ship belongs, which proves that the ship complies with the requirements of the Convention.” SOLAS 1974 So you can sail with passengers, and a ship Gemini She has this certificate, and it will be renewed again at the end of July 2023.

Holmes added that without this certificate, in addition to the other required regulatory certificates, the passenger ship cannot obtain permission to leave any port in the world.

She said: “This certificate was last renewed in November of 2022, and it was a ship Gemini It has been sailing with passengers on board since March 2023 in the Aegean Sea.


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