My son is violent with other children, how do I act? Behavior modification consultant

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Some mothers may face a behavioral problem with their child, which is the child’s violence towards other children around him, so we find the child hitting his peers, biting them, and scratching the face, and also showing his violence by intimidating and terrorizing them, and seizing their property and stuff, and mothers are put in embarrassing situations because of her violent child, so he reviews the seventh day during The lines are some tips that help the mother in treating the problem of violence in her child, according to what was indicated by Shaima Iraqi, a family consultant and behavior modification.

Getting rid of biting in children

Tips for mothers to reduce unjustified child violence, biting and scratching:

Trace the source of the violence by knowing the source of the child’s imitation of violence, and this may be due to watching violent cartoons or violent electronic games

Be a role model, as the child may be imitating your behavior and your reactions in some situations towards others. Vicky may seek the characteristics of assaulting others in word and deed, and thus imitate you.

– Develop your child’s social skills. His experience in dealing with children around him and his way of expressing rejection or asking for things from them may be something he cannot express well, so he assaults them. .

– The way you deal with your child may be violent, as his reaction may be vengeful towards those around him, so all his anger falls into hitting and violently hitting others, so you should deal with kindness and change the pattern of education and punishment with your child without violence or terror.

– Train your child on the behaviors of cooperation and participation and ways of expressing himself without violence towards others, And inculcate in him behaviors of altruism and empathy and ways of dealing with daily life situations with the children around him without using beatings and violence.

Treatment of violence in children
Treatment of violence in children
Eliminate violence and biting in children
Eliminate violence and biting in children


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