If you are going to a summer vacation… 5 essential household tasks that must be completed before leaving your home

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Some people think that making the decision to travel to the resort, or to spend a weekly or monthly vacation, or even a weekend depends on booking a hotel, a travel ticket, and preparing a bag, but what some people forget or ignore is organizing your household affairs, which is an important part of planning before leaving. There are some tasks that Be sure to check them out before leaving the house, for a stress-free vacation that is presented to you by the seventh day, according to the site “bhg“.

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Prepared or cooked meals

Before traveling, you must eat cooked food in the refrigerator or freeze it, or donate it to the needy, instead of spoiling it and having bacteria on it, and this step is to prevent food waste.

Finishing the dishes

You have to get rid of your dishes, whether in the sink or in the dishwasher, so that pests and unpleasant odors are not attracted to them, so even if it is just a short weekend trip, you can be sure that you are done with everything, so that it does not cause bacteria to accumulate or mold .


Empty trash cans

Full trash cans are just like dirty dishes or rotting food, all you have to do is take out all the rubbish, in the landfills in the area.

Unplug the electronics

Before leaving the house, you must disconnect the electronic devices that do not need to be turned on, so that they are not damaged in the event of repeated power outages, in addition to that disconnecting them leads to reducing electricity bills and protecting devices from unexpected power surges.


Houseplant care

One way to keep indoor and outdoor plants thriving when no one is home is by giving them a good watering before you leave. If you’re away for a long time and no one else is available, try self-watering globes or spikes.


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