How to make eggplant dip..a delicious and useful side dish

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Eggplant is considered one of the healthy foods that are indispensable in the lunch trip alongside other dishes, in addition to that it is one of the meals rich in the element of iron. Eggplant can be eaten in more than one way, from fried to moussaka casserole or Baba Ghanoush salad and other various preparation methods, and in this report we review the method Make one of the special eggplant side dishes, which is an eggplant dip made according to Chef Mai Siam’s method.

Eggplant dip

How to make eggplant dip: Ingredients:

Turkey eggplant, as desired

Bell pepper 3 or 2 grains

Optional hot pepper

5Garlic cloves

Lemon juice

A quarter cup of vinegar

Dry coriander salt

Black pepper and cumin

Parsley to serve

How to prepare the eggplant dip:

Put the eggplant on the stove so that it is grilled in all respects so that it becomes easy to peel Then let it cool down and then peel it well

Then put the eggplant, pepper, lemon juice, spices, garlic and vinegar in the kibbeh and chop well

Then put it on a plate, decorate with parsley and serve

Eggplant dip is one of the delicious and easy side dishes that can be served with all kinds of food, whether it is grilled food or rice dishes and other casseroles such as okra casserole, grape leaves and other foods. It can also be served with tahini and green salad.

Dip it in eggplant
Dip it in eggplant
How to prepare eggplant dip
How to prepare eggplant dip


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