4 things you should not do with a Gemini.. the most important is a loud voice

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These days, Gemini people celebrate their birthday, who are considered one of the most mysterious and challenging signs for many things as a result of their differences all the time. This difference may be a result of their rebellion or love to be distinct personalities from others, but Gemini children remain the most impressive signs as well. As the expert in horoscopes and numerology, Maya Naji, explained in her interview with “The Seventh Day”, that despite the kindness of the heart of Geminis and their tenderness, which may reach the point of exaggeration with those they love, there are many things and things that you should not do in your relationship with them, as I explained it in several points as follows.


underestimate them

The horoscope and numerology expert said that underestimating the Gemini’s personality or their opinion on any subject makes them hate dealing with you because of the few narcissistic traits they have in their personality and their exaggerated pride in themselves, as Gemini always loves to have the spotlight on them, and respect for their opinion and positions is something that cannot be overlooked. .

Not believing him

And the horoscope and numerology expert continued that one of the most annoying things for Gemini is their disbelief, which makes them all the time in a state of justification, especially with the people they love, which makes this matter accumulate stressful to the mind and may force them to sever the relationship, no matter how strong it is.

Gemini traits
Gemini traits

belittle it

Gemini people are among the most energetic personalities in life, and they can carry out several tasks, no matter how difficult they are, with the same speed and efficiency, so reducing the effort they make is an insult to them and a diminishment of their capabilities and status.

Talk to him out loud

The loud voice is one of the most hated actions by Gemini, despite their fun, laughter, sense of humor, and love for listening to music. The horoscope expert said that speaking to them in a crude and loud voice they consider it an insult that cannot be expiated, no matter what.

Gemini born
Gemini born


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