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The blood money bill will determine its value every several years

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publish date 2023-05-29 10:51:25

The Compass – The proposed blood money bill identified the mechanisms for estimating the value of blood money for the first time, and entrusted it to the Sharia Supreme Court represented by its general assembly, which will estimate it with an amount of money for a number of years, provided that it is amended whenever the need arises, according to what the Attorney General of the Chief Justice Department, Dr. Mansour Al Tawalbeh, said.

Al-Tawalbeh stressed that the Supreme Court will refer to the theories of Islamic jurisprudence, and choose from them the appropriate mechanism for calculating the amount of blood money.

The blood money law is derived entirely from Islamic law

Al-Tawalbeh added that the draft law submitted by the Chief Justice Department to the Council of Ministers, which is now in its legislative stages, is fully derived from Islamic law, and is linked to the Jordanian constitution, which specified that “blood money” is within the jurisdiction of the Sharia courts, and fortified this jurisdiction by being compatible with Islamic Sharia, and that any new law or draft law related to this subject that may contradict the provisions of Islamic Sharia is constitutionally void.

Is blood money only for the loss of the soul?

The blood money does not only include the loss of the soul, but also includes all reparation for the damage resulting from the intentional crime or from accidents committed by mistake, whether that harm is to the soul, or to any of the members by losing its benefit in whole or in part, or by causing harm to it. Or a wound or even a hair has its own blood money, which was determined by Islamic law, he said.

The student stated that the blood money law is consistent with the regular law, as well as with compensation mechanisms provided by insurance companies, where blood money is calculated from the total amount of compensation, and the amount of compensation provided by the insurance company is deducted from the total amount of blood money.

Al-Tawalbeh emphasized that talking about blood money does not replace talking about tolerance and grace. If “the method of judiciary is justice, then society judges by virtue, which is the highest level of justice, by forgiving and pardoning those who have the right for the other, so blood money is the last solution.” compensation,” he said.

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