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Security threatens strife after Al-Faisaly and Al-Wehdat match

Amman Today

publish date 2023-05-29 23:11:00

The Cybercrime Unit confirmed that it is following up offensive publications that stir up strife following events that took place after a football match, to arrest anyone who publishes or republishes them and refer them to the judiciary.

The media spokesman for the Public Security Directorate said that the Cybercrime Unit is following up all publications published on social media following the unfortunate events after the Al-Faisaly and Al-Wehdat match, inciting hatred, provoking strife, and carrying out any legal violations.

And he stressed that anyone who publishes such publications and circulates to them, which carry any offense or legal violation, will be arrested and referred to the judiciary.

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Source : اخبار الاردن

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