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In Jerash… a personal initiative to protect the “virgin forest”

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publish date 2023-05-29 13:51:45

Compass – When a person’s principles are superior to his interests, this is one of the noblest and most sincere qualities, especially when he reaches the stage of giving for free, which is not limited to humans, as it may happen between a person and an animal or plant.

This is the case of Ahmed Al-Ayasra (48 years old) and a number of his friends in Jerash Governorate, northern Jordan, where they have been implementing a personal initiative for free for about a year aimed at protecting forest trees.

Al-Ayasra and others from the city of “Sakib” in Jerash, and their number does not exceed the fingers of one hand, met on a goal through which they wanted to protect forest trees in an area close to them called “Wadiy al-Sham,” in order to preserve a forest full of perennial forest trees that have become one of the rare places that have not been exposed For unjust attacks, they even called it the only “virgin forest”.

The beginning was about a year ago, when Al-Ayasra and his partners decided to invest in a plot of land owned by one of them in order to make it more like a camp that allows its visitor to enjoy the greenery of those trees and to practice walking in one of the paths that the elderly people of the region say was a way to transport various goods from Turkey (era Ottoman Empire) to Palestine in an earlier era.

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Trees, including oaks, oaks, Aleppo pines, maples, and buckthorn, whose age exceeds centuries, are what cover the entire forest, and by following them, the visitor enjoys a natural aesthetic painting, which is a reason to “wash away the accumulated worries of daily life conditions and negative thinking,” as Al-Ayasra spoke to the Anadolu Agency.

He said that the idea “started with preparing this place since last year, with four other brothers, and we decided to start with an area of ​​one dunam out of the entire plot, which is 5 dunams and 800 square meters.

Fearing that he might forget the basis of the topic and its beginning, Al-Ayasra paused for a moment to summarize a long account by telling the Anatolia correspondent: “My hobby is to be among these forests and preserve them.”

He added, “This forest that you see is the only virgin forest in the Kingdom, and it has never been subjected to any attacks, and in this place we continue to preserve it and its natural diversity.”

Al-Ayasra went on: “On its trees and among its branches live the rare yellow and goldfinch birds, in addition to the forest containing the mallow tree, which is a type of oak that is threatened with extinction.”

In the words of a lover of nature, he went on to explain the characteristics of the forest: “Some of the trees in it, if gone and cut down, will be the cause of the death of other species, as it acts as a protector for them from the sun’s rays and preserves their greenery and survival, and here a natural balance is achieved.”

And he added, “We do not aim by establishing this place, in which we are trying to provide some important facilities for people’s residence and enjoyment, to achieve any material gain.”

And he added, “Sitting in the place and using the tents and some of the equipment that visitors need on their tours is available to everyone without exception and free of charge. All we seek is to perpetuate the place and protect it from any attack on its trees.”

Al-Ayasra added, “We relive with the visitor some memories of the past, which only the elderly know about. This passage below was a trade route that started from Turkey and reached Palestine.”

A noble idea

Najeeb Ali, 38, one of the visitors, said that the place “gives you the opportunity to be alone with yourself inside this beautiful nature, away from urban sprawl.”

And he added in his interview with Anadolu Agency: “Frankly, the idea of ​​young people to establish this place is a noble idea and deserves respect and support, especially since most of them are without work and are looking for it, and everything they aim for is to protect and preserve nature.”

The percentage of forests in Jordan does not exceed 1 percent of the total area of ​​the Kingdom, according to what was announced by the Minister of Agriculture, Khaled Al-Hanifat, in previous statements.

Al-Hanifat said at the time that the ministry had implemented, during the last period, several forestation projects included in the sustainable agricultural plan (2022-2025) to increase the area of ​​forests.


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