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Evacuation of students from a school in Birin, which was destroyed by rain

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publish date 2023-05-29 15:28:17

The cadres of the new Birin Municipality in Zarqa Governorate, in cooperation with the Civil Defense, evacuated the students of Al-Kamsha Basic Mixed School, after it was raided today, Monday, by the heavy rains that fell on the area as a result of the weather instability affecting the Kingdom.

The head of the municipality, Wahbi Al-Zawahra, said that the evacuation of the school of students and teachers came in order to preserve their safety after it was hit by torrential rain waters, which reached a height of about a meter in some areas, adding that the working cadres pulled the water from inside the classrooms and yards.

He stressed that the municipality is working around the clock to preserve the safety of citizens in all areas, and is monitoring critical sites on the Zarqa Torrent stream and the box ferries, calling on citizens to move away from the torrent stream and the outskirts of valleys and slopes.


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