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A general amnesty requires a law, and it cannot be achieved soon

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publish date 2023-05-29 11:42:11

Compass – Amman

Representative Saleh Al-Armouti confirmed that it is not possible to issue a general amnesty during the coming period, denying the rumors circulating on social media platforms about it.

Al-Armouti said in a statement to:compass“A general amnesty needs a law, which is not possible in light of the absence of the House of Representatives. It is not possible to issue a general amnesty during the coming period.

He explained that the Jordanian constitution prevents the government from issuing temporary laws in the event that the House of Representatives exists, even though it is not in session, and therefore an amnesty is out of the question.

As for the special pardon, Al-Armouti indicated that it is the prerogative of the king, and it is issued in each case alone, and it only needs a royal will, and it has conditions, including that the judgment be final, and the judgment is in presence, and it does not include judgments in absentia.

Representative Al-Armouti pointed out that “traffic violations are separate from general and private amnesties,” and it is likely that an administrative decision will be issued regarding them.

And he indicated that the House of Representatives, in accordance with the constitutional powers granted to it, had prepared a draft law for general amnesty, as it was transferred to the Legal Committee for study, which will give recommendations to the House, which is the decision-maker regarding sending it to the government.

He added, “If the draft is sent to the government, it is, according to the constitution, obligated to submit a draft general amnesty law, in the same session or the next session,” but its issuance requires a long time, in order for it to pass through its constitutional stages.


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