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It is likely that the results of the “comprehensive” will be announced in the middle of next month

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publish date 2023-05-22 08:22:49

The President of Al-Balqa Applied University, Ahmed Al-Ajlouni, expected to announce the results of the Intermediate University Certificate Examination (comprehensive) for the current session in the first half of next June, after its endorsement and approval by the Higher Committee for Examinations and the Council of Deans of the University.

Al-Ajlouni, who is the head of the Supreme Committee for the Intermediate University Certificate Examination, confirmed that the theoretical exams for the spring session 2023 will start from tomorrow morning, Tuesday, and will continue according to the dates announced by the university until Wednesday, corresponding to May 31.

He added that the university has completed all necessary procedures for holding theoretical exams, as it is expected that 5,966 male and female students from 51 university colleges and intermediate university colleges supervised by Al-Balqa Applied University will apply for these exams, distributed over 89 majors.

It is expected that 4,709 students will apply for the first paper on Tuesday, 4,796 male and female students for the second paper next Saturday, and 5,292 male and female students for the third paper. They will take the exam on Tuesday and Wednesday at the end of this month, and the exam will end in all centers on Tuesday, May 30, except for two centers in which the exam will extend until Wednesday noon. May 31 of this year.

Al-Ajlouni indicated that the theoretical exams are fully computerized. Where 19 halls for theoretical exams distributed over 15 centers for theoretical examinations are spread across all governorates of the Kingdom, and all exam centers are subject to electronic monitoring by the operations room in the Assessment and General Examinations Unit, and these exams are supervised by more than 400 employees working in the university and university and university colleges. national average.

The General Assessment and Examinations Unit at the university finished correcting the students’ answers in the computerized practical exams and processing the results of the practical exams, checking and matching them, and introducing them to the computerized comprehensive exam system. These exams were held from 4 to 11 May, and 4,195 male and female students applied for them.

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