World Meditation Day.. Know its importance and benefits for your body and psyche

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You must allocate some time for the soul to make the person clear-minded, by choosing a place where one feels calm and comfortable, with eyes closed and breathing steadily, making thoughts come out of the mind, and getting rid of negative thoughts, so that he feels comfortable and calm. And today, May 21, is the day for meditation, taking some breaks for a while, clearing the mind, and meditation has many benefits for the health of the body, we will present some of them in the next report, according to the site forbes“.


There are many psychological and physical benefits of meditation

Reduce stress

Doing meditation sessions improves mental health, such as reducing feelings of stress. Chronic stress can cause high levels of cortisol, which negatively affects the body and health. Meditation helps calm the mind and regulate emotions while reducing feelings of stress and its risks.

Anxiety management

Meditation helps to counteract the effects of anxiety, which are feelings of fear, anxiety and tension, by making racing thoughts slower with self-regulation, to make the nervous system calm, and the physical symptoms associated with that may be anxiety, sweating or dizziness, and an increase in the heart rate, From a lot of thinking about the past or about future events, and the person who feels stressed and practices meditation continuously feels positive feelings with time.

meditation practice (1)

Meditation practice

Depression management

Meditation helps the person who goes through that state through feelings of alertness and emotional regulation of him, because meditation makes the person think and rethink things around him calmly in a simple way, which enhances the person’s ability to withstand and improve his psychological ability.

Improve sleep

Some may complain of not being able to sleep at night, feeling insomnia, and thinking about tomorrow’s events that may not happen. Meditation is able to improve a person’s ability to sleep because it helps treat insomnia, feeling tired and regulating sleep hours, while improving a person’s mood.

Memory improvement

Doing meditation helps to relieve the stress and anxiety that a person feels, by increasing the secretion of gray matter, which is necessary for the perception of a healthy mind, with the ability to control movement and emotions.



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