Warning about the trend of using hot peppers to enlarge the lips: temporary appearance and permanent disfigurement

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Many women these days want to have full and attractive lips, whether by using fillers and Botox, or modern cosmetics that give a full shape, or through cheaper products, through the use of hot pepper directly on the lips, which has spread in the past few years. As a trend to enlarge lips on TikTok, claiming that it is a natural and cheap product and in every home, which was warned by skin care expert Dr. Rajaa Magdy, a teacher at the Faculty of Pharmacy, in her interview with “The Seventh Day”, where she said that not every product or natural component is suitable, so using natural products without understanding It achieves serious damage, especially the use of hot pepper concentrated on the lips, which causes severe damage and leads to permanent disfigurement and destruction of the lips.

Chili pepper

A care expert warns of the hot pepper trend to enlarge the lips

And the skin care expert warned: Hot peppers contain capsaicin, when applied to the lips or skin, it is quickly absorbed and concentrated in the surrounding area, and interacts with receptors. TRPV1 located in sensory nerve fibers, and when interacting with these receptors, sensory nerve fibers are stimulated to release nerve signals that travel to the brain, causing a feeling of pain, heat, and sensitivity in the area around capsaicin. This is followed by inhibition of the activity of the same receptors, which causes numbness in the area that is also accompanied by sensitivity, burning, tingling, redness of blood vessels and swelling, so the lips immediately appear red and full, and thus it can cause damage to the lips that is difficult to treat instead of improving their appearance, in the sense that this fullness is temporary, but its damage is permanent. .

Tik Tok lore
Tik Tok lore

Cayenne pepper cannot be used as a lip filler

And the care expert continued that hot peppers cannot be used as fillers to fill the lips, and there are no substances present in hot peppers that can act as fillers to fill the lips. Pepper only works to anesthetize and kill sensory and nerve cells in the long run.

Lip enlargement
Lip enlargement

Natural products that may be used as lip fillers

The care expert added that there is a natural product that can be used temporarily to give a full shape to the lips without any collateral damage, and you can use it on a daily basis, which is peppermint oil. Vitamins and antibacterials, so it is very suitable for use as a natural and safe alternative. As for the method of using peppermint oil, the care expert added that it dilutes peppermint oil with sweet almond oil and is used twice daily on clean lips, as it opens them naturally, moisturizes them, makes them full, and gives them a natural and attractive appearance.


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