The history of lipstick from the time of the Pharaohs until now

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Lipstick plays a big role in beautifying women and highlighting their femininity and attractiveness, so there are many producing companies that seek after every new production of lipstick, and brand owners scramble and compete for the best product of lipstick, but you see the question when did women know this magician who increases Her beauty is beautiful, and adds a touch to her lips, according to the site “cnnIntroducing the history of lipstick from the time of the Pharaohs to the women’s rebellion in Paris.

The history of lipstick

The pharaohs knew it 5,000 years ago

Lipstick can refer to many things, including boldness, femininity, and strength. The world knew lipstick 5,000 years ago, and ancient Egypt was the first to know lipstick, as colored lips were a symbol of the status of people, whether men or women, and it was made of red metal or other ingredients. natural.

In the Greek era, the ancient laws stipulated that prostitutes put lipstick in public places, so that men would not confuse them with women of high status, but in Asia, the Chinese created the first lip balm, and it was red.

The history of lipstick (1)
The history of lipstick

In England, whoever wears lipstick embodies the devil

This has been the case for a long period of time, and lipstick has an inappropriate reputation, and whoever puts it on has a bad reputation, and this idea spread throughout Asia and Europe, in England it was seen as the embodiment of the devil.

Until Britain’s Queen Elizabeth I came and fell in love with the red color on her lips, and generalized the need for red lips to all people during her reign, she believed that there were therapeutic and preventive properties of the red color on the lips, although we all know that the materials from which lipstick is made are unhealthy However, we keep putting it on and adorning it.

The history of lipstick (7)
The history of lipstick

It was kept secret by women in the Victorian era

As for the Victorian era, lipstick was prohibited by order of Queen Victoria, and women used to wear it secretly without anyone seeing her or walking with it outside the house. At the same time, France prohibited applying lipstick and makeup on the face in general, except for those who have moral daring.

The history of lipstick (1)
The history of lipstick

The women’s revolution in France restored the status of lipstick

In the twentieth century, the women’s suffrage movement emerged, as it restored the symbolism of the lips as a rebellion, and women put it in marches during World War II, and the Allies considered lipstick a national symbol, especially since Hitler hated lipstick in the post-war period.

The history of lipstick (4)
The history of lipstick

The return of lipstick to its place after the Second World War

In Hollywood, lipstick held a high place and became a symbol of movie stars from Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor.


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