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There are many tea lovers from all over the world, and they feel happy when tasting tea, and in Egypt tea is the most popular drink, present in every home and when visiting any guest who offers tea to him or after lunch, and tea denotes welcome and friends may come when attracting parties to talk To make cups of tea, or bring some friends to enjoy a cup of delicious tea, as if tea is associated with times of happiness, and today, May 21 of each year, the World Tea Day is held, and it is a very suitable time to learn about the different types of tea around the world.

Kinds of tea

Different types of tea

black tea

according to the sitestashtea“Black tea has many of its lovers who eat it at all times, and it is withered, fully oxidized and dried, and black tea results in a delicious amber-colored drink, and black tea is one of the most common types of tea during breakfast such as the English and Irish breakfast, or after lunch like the Egyptians And some Arabs.

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Green tea

Green tea is known to those who wish to lose weight, and it is avoided when producing tea leaves not to be oxidized to preserve the wonderful natural green color and fresh flavor that characterizes it. In Japan, green tea leaves are steamed, to take its many benefits from it, and other countries may The tea is dried because it has a more delicate flavor than green tea, and can turn a pale golden or green colour.

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Chinese black tea

Black Chinese tea is produced in China and Taiwan and is partially oxidized. The taste of black Chinese tea is similar to that of fresh green tea. The flavor of the tea depends on the place of cultivation and how the tea is prepared.

white tea

White tea has its origin in China, and it is made to sour and dry, which causes it to oxidize slightly, and its flavor is very similar to that of green tea, but it is more creamy and sweet than green tea.

yellow tea

Yellow tea is considered one of the rarest types of tea that is processed like green tea, and the yellow tea is dried slowly, to make the leaves take on a yellow color, and the taste of tea is considered mild, and its taste is between white tea and green tea, and a taster is able to differentiate between them.

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herbal tea

Herbal tea is a mixture of boiled water and some plants such as flowers, fruits, herbs, mint, spices, berries and seeds, which gives a distinctive flavor to those who love this type of tea.

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