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Neon or phosphorescent colors have a huge appeal to fashion lovers, as we saw Sabrina Elba, the actress and model, wearing her bright green dress to the 2023 Oscars. The American actress and singer Lizzo stunned in her floral cashmere dress at the 2023 Grammy Awards. Neon colors were also seen in complementing shoes and bags. For an attractive and elegant look, there are many subtle ways to incorporate neon into the wardrobe.

Green is the color of this summer

Designers prefer the green color for the summer of 2023. Green pants give elegance, especially if the upper part is black, a look suitable for daytime and evening outings.

Phosphorescent green

fuchsia color

Wearing neon is a bold step, as it can combine and print phosphorescent colors with soft ones, in one piece, and wearing the other neon piece gives a bold look.

fuchsia color

Phosphorescent yellow

The summer season is not pleasant without going to the beach and spending hours on the beach and enjoying the sea water. It is preferable to wear light clothes of cheerful colors such as phosphorescent yellow, whether in a light T-shirt or a thin dress.

Phosphorescent yellow
Phosphorescent yellow

A touch of neon to a neutral outfit

If wearing neon in clothes isn’t for you, try an accessory. A neon bag is the main color and perfect for an outfit with muted neutrals. You can choose anything from bright pink to neon green. In addition to attractive neon accessories.

Wear a phosphorescent color


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