8 strange trains around the world .. Japan includes a train that turns into a bus that runs on the road, “photos”

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Over the past years, transportation in general and railways in particular have developed, accompanied by the development of trains to invade cities, mountains, and deep mines, as they adapt to the most extreme climates in the world..

This report monitors unusual railway lines that break the rules to reach places that other trains cannot reach, according to the website. CNN Arabic.

Wuppertal Schweppen train, Germany

The Wuppertal Schweppen train in Germany

The train was built to connect the many industrial towns along the narrow and winding valley of the “Wupper” river, and the construction of the suspended line was completed in 1901, and it was instrumental in the growth of the towns that eventually merged to form the city of Wuppertal in 1929.

The train transports more than 80,000 people daily by means of 31 modern vehicles that travel at speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour..

The Stopsbahn train in Switzerland
The Stopsbahn train in Switzerland

The Stopsbahn train in Switzerland

Work began in December 2017 to become a tourist attraction in itself, and it is the current record holder for the steepest trains in the world..

The unique carriages with their rotating “drums” allow passengers to stay on one level and travel quietly up the mountain at grades of up to 110.%.

The train serves as an artery for the car-free village of Stoos, which is located on top of a mountain near the town of Schwyz, south of Zurich.

Heath Pier Railway in England
Heath Pier Railway in England

Hythe Pier Railway in England

The railways at the docks were an attraction for many British seaside resorts in the 19th century..

Most of them were built for the purpose of entertainment, and to save visitors from the need to often walk long distances, and the “Haythe Pier” railway located on the south coast of England is a little different, as it provides a unique link between land and the “Haythe” ferry, which traveled back and forth via “Southampton Water”. Since the Middle Ages.

The current port was opened in 1881, and the railway was added in 1909. It is considered the oldest continuously operating railway in the world..

Chongqing train, China
Chongqing train, China

Chongqing monorail, China

Chongqing is home to China’s longest and busiest monorail system, carrying millions of passengers annually..

The unique topography of the city, in light of the densely populated mountain plateaus, and the valleys of the “Yangtze” and “Jialin” rivers, forced the city’s transportation authorities to search for an alternative to the traditional subway trains..

Aerobus in South America
Aerobus in South America

Virobas in South America

It is an improvised means of transportation found across the mountainous regions of South America, and it looks like a bus, and turns this innovation into a lifeline for remote mountain villages that lack access to roads, by combining old road bus bodies with train wheels.

Virobus tracks can be found in Chile, Bolivia and Colombia, as they make their way through the high Andes mountains..

Budapest Metro
Budapest Metro

Small subway in Budapest

The Hungarian capital, Budapest, is home to the oldest underground railway, in which a line was operated “M1” Since May of 1896.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Hungary, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, pioneered new railway technology..

This short line (2.3 miles long) under Andrassy Avenue was the third underground electric railway in the world..

DMV buses in Japan
DMV buses in Japan

DMV buses in Japan

Buses and vehicles that can wait for you outside your house, take you to the nearest railway line, then switch to a train, and then roll back to take you to a nearby city.

This is what buses do “DMV” Iron wilderness (DMV Road-Rail Bus) Since its launch in 2021, the vehicle can accommodate 23 people, including passengers and crew members..

The bus operates on diesel fuel, and is equipped with a set of retractable wheels, dedicated to railways, and the vehicle is lighter than a conventional train, which means that it consumes less fuel, in addition to being less expensive when maintaining.

Katoomba train, Australia
Katoomba train, Australia

Katoomba train in Australia

Australians can enjoy a train experience unlike anywhere else in the world, and the scenic Katoomba Railway is located in the heart of the Blue Mountains..

This railway offers a chilling descent down sandstone cliffs, through rock formations, and epic tunnels above the rainforest..

The glass-roofed carriages receive up to 84 visitors per trip up the 52-degree incline.

The history of this railway dates back to the late 19th century when it was part of the “tram” lines dedicated to mining, but the remaining line has been turned into an exciting tourist attraction since 1945.


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