World Bee Day.. Does bee venom help get rid of skin wrinkles?

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Honey contains many important nutrients that bring health benefits to humans, so doctors recommend consuming it to maintain health, but what some people do not know is that bee stings also have benefits for the skin, as they help remove wrinkles and make the face look more youthful and lively. World Bee Day. In this report, we review how bee stings help remove wrinkles, according to the websites of “Russia Today” and the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

Getting rid of skin wrinkles

Scientific research conducted by Sang Mi Han from South Korea, for the New Zealand company “Manuka Doctor”, has proven that bee sting helps remove wrinkles and restore freshness to the skin, as bee sting helps stimulate the secretion of “collagen” under the skin, which contributes to giving Skin freshness and elasticity, and protects the skin from sunlight and other factors that negatively affect the skin.

World Bee Day
World Bee Day

The report indicated that many companies in the world specialized in the production of cosmetics use bee venom, which is considered expensive. For many years, salons and health resorts have also used face masks that contain bee venom.


The report emphasized that some famous women use bee venom to get rid of wrinkles, such as Queen Consort Camilla and singer Danny Minogue.

Dr. Han, a researcher at the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences in South Korea, published research suggesting that bee stings may also increase the number of cells called keratinocytes, which act as a barrier against environmental factors such as bacteria and sun damage..

The venom is extracted from the bees through a safe process that ensures the preservation of the bees. It is placed on a special glass surface next to the hive gate, and a weak electric current is passed through it, which encourages the bees to sting the layer gently. Then the bee venom is dried, harvested and purified to remove any unwanted impurities such as soil, dust or pollen.


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