Why do women need more sleep than men? 4 reasons will make you excuse it

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There are many who argue together about who among them sleeps longer, the man or the woman, especially when the discussion between the spouses is about who accomplishes more tasks than the other, and science has settled the debate about whether men or women need more sleep, as it proved Knowing that women need more sleep, according to a study conducted by researchers at Duke University, in which it turned out that women need more sleep than men, contrary to popular belief, not because they are weak and tired quickly, but there are many reasons for this, according to What was published by the siteyourtangoThe seventh day reviews it as follows:

The need for rest

The composition of the female brain is different from that of men

The study confirmed that women’s minds are different from men’s brains and more complex, so their sleep needs will be greater, as women need more time to relax and recover overnight, and complete their needs and the needs of others, whether preparing food, washing clothes, arranging the house, taking care of her children and completing her work, in addition to To take care of her mental and physical health.

Her schedule is busier

Many men believe that going to work and staying there all day is one of the most difficult things, but by following up on what women do in terms of work like men, and then carry out the tasks of her family life at home, taking care of the children, taking care of her husband and his needs, in addition to taking care of her parents, and communicating with her friends, with Taking care of the relationships of everyone who belongs to her, such as her husband and children, without forgetting something that might be done on a daily basis, something that men cannot bear.


You go through many hormonal changes

Another reason why women need to sleep more than men is that their bodies are constantly undergoing hormonal changes. These hormonal changes include menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, and psychological and nervous pain, while men do not suffer from that, and this reason may be sufficient to allow women to sleep.

They don’t get enough rest from the start

Due to the demands of their lives, women often struggle to get the rest they need, meaning they are already exhausted before having to carry out their tasks, especially if they have young children.

bed time
bed time


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