Summer plants that can be placed on the balcony of the house.. The rabbit man is the most prominent of them

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With the intensity of summer heat, there is no reason why you should not make your balcony beautify flowers, so you can put types of picturesque aesthetic plants that make you feel like you are in the spring, so before choosing any type, you must plan well to get a type of summer plants and flowers that can be placed in The balcony, according to what was indicated by the agricultural engineer, Muhammad al-Ajan.

The agricultural engineer said to “The Seventh Day”: “Before going to the nursery, do not be deceived by the sight of plants and flowers with beautiful colors and fragrant scents, but be sure to choose a type that suits the temperature of your home. It is possible to choose a plant just to admire the shape and smell, but fail to provide an environment suitable for To coexist in it and thus the opposite of your expectation occurs and the plants die, so we can review the best species that are suitable for the summer heat.

Alonca plant

Summer plants that can be placed on the balcony of the house

Alonca plant

Alonca is distinguished by the beauty of its delightful flowers and its attractive colors. It can also be used to cover a large amount of floor areas, and it is also distinguished by the colors of its red, white and purple flowers.


basil plant

The basil plant is one of the famous plants. It is an aromatic, fragrant shrub that is characterized by its tolerance to high temperatures. It can be placed on the balcony of the house due to its strong tolerance to sunlight, but it needs water frequently.

Camara lantana plant

Lantana Kamar is one of the plants used in making fences and is famous for its beautiful flowers, which number up to 30 multi-colored flowers.

Don't be a kamar
Don’t be a kamar

Rabbit man plant

Rabbit man plant It is distinguished by the color of its yellow flowers. It is fast growing and gives an attractive and picturesque appearance. It is able to withstand the summer temperatures

Bunny man plant
Bunny man plant


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