Let him be self-confident.. Tips for dealing with and helping your shy child

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We may notice that there is a child who is not open and not amenable to fun, and you can find him alone and not participate in any social activities, so he is called the shy child, so “The Seventh Day” reviews during the following lines the most prominent tips for embracing your shy child, according to what was stated on the site momjunction

Dealing with a shy child

Don’t classify him as shy:

Try to avoid classifying it or calling it names.Because he uses these words to help identify and understand himself, so be sure to choose positive words that are strong and self-confident, also if you encounter another friend or relative who describes your child as shy, try to fix this concept and say: “My son needs enough time to get to know each other.” people but not shy

Children’s participation:

It is better not to force your child to do things he is unable to share with you or with other people, so deal according to his interest according to what he wants to do, in the event that your child wants to play in the garden, try to go to the garden but at a time when there are a number of children In order for him to get a chance to interact with his peers, he may interpret what other children are doing and begin to like and imitate them, so work with their interests and use them to help your little one spend more time around children their age.

Start with individual positions:

In the event that your child refuses groups and is afraid of being in groups, so try to be an individual activity and stay away from entering groups in a sudden way, with the days and try to make your child go out with one or two people of the same age, then a group, try to take things in a way gradually to practice his skills.

dealing with people
dealing with people
Ways to embrace your shy child
Ways to embrace your shy child


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