If you are not social, learn how to be more open with those around you in 4 steps

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The world is fast moving and does not like the person who stands alone and who is easy to lose opportunities as a result of hesitation and self-isolation, so the person may think is it easy to become social?

The person who is open to the world enjoys the many opportunities that he seizes during his presence in the labor market, with all skill and courage, because the introverted person feels that he is standing on the sidelines, and there are some tips through which self-confidence can be built and social skills developed, according to the site “socialself“.

A girl who is not social

Tips to be more social:

Practice self-compassion and speak positively.

A person may criticize himself exaggeratedly, and at that time he must change that way in which one speaks to himself, by practicing empathy and speaking to oneself gently with self-respect, and not caring about the opinion of others, while reformulating the way of thinking in a more sympathetic manner, which helps to Building self-confidence.

Focus on the outside:

Instead of worrying about an internal matter, the person should observe the people around him, because focusing on the people around us makes the person less anxious and socially awkward, while paying attention to the verbal and non-verbal signals of the other person.

more open

more open

Expose yourself to social situations:

It is normal if a person feels social anxiety to avoid entering into any social situation, but exposing oneself to social interaction is an effective way to improve the feeling of social anxiety, with the possibility of training to do things that a person usually does not do to train himself on that, such as talking to people at work who may He usually ignores them.

Meet people who share similar interests:

A person can put himself in situations to meet like-minded people, because it is easy to start a conversation with someone who shares the same interests and that interest can be turned into a social hobby.

more open
more open


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