How do you use rice to get flawless skin like Korean women?

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Skin care requires a lot of effort and doing many things to pay attention to the freshness and radiance of the skin and make it young and healthy like the skin of Korean women. Rice is not only for food. Koreans use it to obtain clear and taut skin like a mirror. It has many benefits for the skin. You can follow the following report to know the benefits and methods used for the skin. , according to the sitehealthshots“.

the rice

Benefits of rice for the skin

Rice is an essential ingredient for the skin, especially Korean skin care products, because it helps reduce pores, lighten the complexion and tighten the skin. On the skin, age spots around the mouth and eyes.

Ways to use rice for facial skin

Rice water spray

The rice is boiled and filtered and the water is collected.

It is left to cool and stored in a small spray bottle.

The boiling process can be dispensed with easily by soaking the rice in water overnight, and collecting the water the next morning.

It is left to ferment for 2 to 3 days, then the fermented rice water is used as a face spray in the morning after taking a bath, and right before bed.

soft skin

soft skin

Frozen cubes of rice water

A cup of rice (100 g) is taken, as desired.

Pour 3 cups of water into a bowl.

The rice is soaked in water for up to half an hour.

Gently stir the rice using your fingers.

Drain the rice, collect the water and place it in a large bottle.

It is refrigerated, and the water can be frozen into ice and applied to the skin every day in the morning and evening.

Rice and curd

A cup of rice can take about 100 g.

The rice is ground, and a tablespoon of chickpea flour and another tablespoon of curd are placed on it.

The mixture is applied to the skin with a brush and left to dry.

Gently wash the face with water.

healthy complexion
healthy complexion


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