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We stand at the same distance from everyone

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publish date 2023-05-20 21:53:05

The Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, Engineer Wajih Azaiza, affirmed that the government stands at the same distance from all political parties, and adheres to the directives of King Abdullah II that there is no retreat from the reform paths.

Azaiza added, during his meeting today, Saturday, in the building of the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, with general and representative secretaries of political parties; The government committed itself to what was accomplished by the Royal Commission to modernize the political system by sending it as stated by the commission, and those constitutional amendments and legislation were accomplished by the legislative authority with some amendments to it. Pointing out that His Majesty the King emphasized the three reform tracks; Political, economic and administrative, and that there is no retreat from that, and the meetings and follow-up of His Highness Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Crown Prince, to accomplish the reform paths.

And Azaiza indicated that this meeting came after the announcement of the parties that corrected their situation, in order to ensure permanent dialogue and consultation with the various parties, and that one of the tasks of the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs is to encourage political action. Pointing out that the process of correcting the situation of the parties and applying the provisions of the law is related to the Independent Election Commission, and in talking with the parties, the minister indicated that there is an action plan in the ministry in which it consults with the parties to work on it, and it includes awareness, training, education and capacity building.

The minister pointed out that a ministerial committee was formed to meet at the level of ministers, secretaries general of ministries and liaison officers, and it is a governmental committee, with the aim of encouraging and participating in the political process, and this is in line with what we all aspire to in terms of active participation. Indicating the many achievements that took place in the process of #political_modernization, including; The system of party activities in higher education institutions, as well as subjects taught in universities and the national education curriculum that will be taught in the schools of the Ministry of Education.

And Azaizah indicated that there is an action plan related to partisan training and political awareness of the members of the various parties, which is being implemented by the Ministry. Financial funding is needed to implement these activities, part of which will be provided directly by the government, and part will be provided by the concerned international organizations, as it seeks to include the largest number of targeted people, stressing the need to encourage Everyone should participate, especially in light of the existence of legislation aimed at empowering youth and women. Indicating that there is communication and arrangement between the Ministry and the Independent Election Commission to spread the positive culture, calling on the parties to practice this culture and spread the spirit of positivity among the citizens, in order to stimulate partisan work.


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