Week and baby shower etiquette.. important rules that must be followed when celebrating

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Let’s not forget the scene of the week’s party, the sounding of mortars and incense, and the distribution of sweets in the movie “The Grandson”, which was recorded in this scene What was happening in the past in the week’s celebration, and compared to what is happening recently, so “The Seventh Day” may review, during the following lines, the rules of etiquette to clarify the details of the celebration from the beginning of preparation to the end of the celebration, according to what Hala Al-Azab, the etiquette expert, indicated.

Grandson movie

The week’s etiquette from the beginning of the party to its end:

The etiquette expert told Al-Youm Al-Sabea: “The baby shower party is a celebration for only those close to the family and friends of the pregnant woman. Warm, in which gifts are presented in an elegant manner and wrapped in childish colors such as “Baby Blue”, “Pink”, or “Green Mint”, and the contents of the gifts are all things related to the newborn, his hygiene, his tools for breastfeeding, the clothes he needs in his first days, or bags Designed to carry the child and his tools.

And she continued: “Gifts can be brought diligently, or since those present at the celebration are close to the heart of the party owner, it is possible to make a list by the party owner of what she needs, and friends bring it.”

And she continued: “Dealing after childbirth and preparing for the celebration is linked to several controls, the first of which is the health of the mother and the newborn as well. Emphasis must be placed on reserving the place for the celebration or preparing the house if the celebration is home, as well as agreeing with the party coordinator to decorate the house, the “baby” room and the place of celebration, and prior agreement as well. With a cake chef to make a cake with the name of the newborn and the color appropriate for its gender, and make a “cupcake” specially decorated for the occasion, and if the circumstances permit, and also prepare clothes for the mother that match the colors of the newborn’s clothes, taking into account the ease of breastfeeding the child.

She explained: “If the celebration is at home, only relatives and girlfriends are invited so that the place does not become crowded and thus harms the health and breathing of the newborn baby. But if the celebration is in a public place, it is better to invite a number commensurate with the number of seats in the place. The invitation is made by making cards or By making phone calls in which the place and time are determined, so that the mother and father receive the invitees, and one of the party organizers takes them to the table.”

She said: “It is inappropriate for the invitees to kiss the child on the face, nor to try to place monetary gifts close to his face or hand. Rather, monetary gifts are presented to the mother, provided that they are placed in a colored envelope with a card suitable for the ceremony, noting that this type of gift is not presented.” Except from the closest people to the mother or father As for other gifts, they can be given to the mother, and it is not permissible to give them to anyone else.”

And she confirms: “The mother takes it and gives thanks to the Hadi. It is also appropriate for the mother to open gifts in front of the audience.” Rather, she collects the gifts on one table, and after the celebration ends the next day, she makes a phone call, and she gives thanks to everyone who gave a gift and makes him feel that his gift made her very happy and that she needs it greatly at this time with the child. With different types of sweets, but now it is presented in a more refined way, which is a single piece of chocolate of the luxurious and elegant type inside a piece of antique crystal or made of porcelain and can be used to decorate the house.

Weekly etiquette
Weekly etiquette
Week etiquette and festive rules
Week etiquette and celebration rules


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