The best behavior when the husband’s family visits unexpectedly.. A family counselor recommends this

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Sometimes, the wife is surprised by an unplanned visit from the husband’s family or other guests, which confuses her and causes her anxiety and stress, especially if the time is not appropriate or the house is not prepared to receive guests, especially the husband’s family who are allowed to roam around the house without restrictions; Hence, the wife is in an embarrassing situation in front of them.

The husband’s family may choose the times for the children’s exams and his wife is busy with them, so she does not have enough time to prepare drinks or some meals before receiving the guests, so the wife gets confused and disagreements may occur with her husband, especially if he agrees with his family to visit them without her knowledge, and without prior planning to prepare Home and food and drink preparation.

In this context, “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, some tips for dealing with sudden family visits, according to what Shaima Iraqi, a consultant for family relations and behavior modification, indicated:

Tips for dealing with sudden family visits

– When the husband informs the wife of the visit of the family, she should not show distress or utter words that annoy the husband and offend his family, such as (lack of taste, etc.), but she must welcome their presence, and promote feelings of affection by saying that the house is their home and that it is their child.

– Agreement between the spouses on what is provided of food and drink, and not forcing the wife to prepare food that requires a lot of effort, especially if the visits are late at night.

– Receiving the husband’s family with a pleasant smile, welcoming their presence, preparing the atmosphere to receive them, and preparing the necessary drinks and food.


– Do not be confused by the lack of stocks of food or juices in the refrigerator, and you must provide what is in the house and behave well in providing the duty of hospitality.

– Helping the husband to his wife in preparing the necessary hospitality, which makes it easier for her to receive the parents without trouble, especially in the event of her exhaustion or her preoccupation with the children in exams.

Preparing the children to receive the father, welcoming them, sitting with them for some time, and asking permission if they are busy with exams.


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