If your children are in foreign schools… 5 tips to help them preserve their Arabic language

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All parents seek to educate their children at a high level, especially with increasing their cultural and linguistic attainment, by enrolling them in foreign schools, some of which may not teach the Arabic language at all, which may make some students find it difficult to learn the Arabic language or speak perfectly. In it, as human relations expert Sabreen Jaber explained in her interview with “The Seventh Day”, there are some tips that make parents able to preserve the authentic Arabic language of their children as follows.

foreign schools

reading stories

Especially at a young age that may start from the age of two years, the human relations expert explained that with the beginning of the child entering the nursery or much earlier, you can read stories to him, especially those that contain cartoon images and historical stories that are written for their age, and have a positive goal in them, which establishes Some words remain in their minds even as they learn a foreign language continuously.

reading stories
reading stories

Memorizing the Qur’an

And she continued that with the age of the child, specifically the age of 6, parents can memorize the Qur’an or the Bible if the child is Christian, which makes them, in addition to developing beautiful morals, also develop their language and their belonging to their religion.

Watching Arabic films

She added that there is nothing wrong with making free time or family gathering around an Arabic movie by a famous artist the appropriate solution for developing the language of children, especially with the affidavits and jokes that are said in comedies, which children may repeat in one way or another.

Listening to songs

According to the tendency of each child, or the music he loves and the type of songs he feels happy with, parents can share these interests with their children and buy some records or subscribe to one of the platforms that publish Arabic songs.

Children's education
Children’s education

I make him write

Making the child write and write down what he needs is one of the factors that affects him positively. The human relations expert added that the child should be made to write from time to time in Arabic, even if it is a small sentence, a request, or a greeting card for someone at home.


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