Graduation project.. The “40th Journey” is a campaign to educate the mother during pregnancy

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A group of students from the Faculty of Mass Communication, Al-Ahram Canadian University, launched a new idea through their graduation project, and that idea was known as “The Journey of 40”. Feeding or neglecting to follow up with the doctor and other wrong habits that the mother may practice spontaneously as a result of the customs, traditions and customs followed within her society, which ultimately leads to birth defects for their children and suffering for the mother later.

Students of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Canadian University

These seven female students also worked within their group to raise a slogan for their campaign referring to the 40 weeks of pregnancy, “Every week is a story” to raise awareness of the weekly development of the fetus and clarify the elements required for the healthy development of the child, and to ensure the mother’s mental health during pregnancy, and if the child after birth suffers from Congenital defects They educate the mother and learn ways to live with congenital defects of newborns.

The idea of ​​the campaign came after identifying a team consisting of 7 female students and their desire to implement a campaign on social networking sites, as they used their memories of the problems faced by newborns such as deformities that almost impede the course of their lives naturally and the lack of awareness of mothers during the pregnancy journey, so the team decided to translate it into an idea Awareness helps this category.

Project work team

The 40th Journey project on educating mothers about their health and the health of their fetus during the pregnancy journey, implemented by “Reem Amr El-Serafy, Zina Sabry, Nesma Hassan, Hasna Mohamed, Nouran Ashraf, Nada Mahmoud, Nadia Ayman, students of the Faculty of Information, Department of Public Relations at Al-Ahram Canadian University, and under the supervision of Dr. Hayat Badr, and Assistant Professor Janna Yasser.


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