Be her support.. How do you support your wife during the postpartum period?

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The husband is the main pillar in restoring the wife’s activity and improving her psyche during the postpartum period Because she is unable to seek attention, but she is waiting for it from all those around her, especially her husband, so the latter must read about the wife’s condition during the postpartum period, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, the best tips for dealing with the wife at the time of postpartum and working to improve her psychologically in a way Complete, according to Hala Al-Azab, a human relations consultant.

Tips to support the wife during childbirth

Tips for supporting the wife during childbirth:

The human relations consultant told Al-Youm Al-Sabaa: “The husband must deal accurately with his wife’s psychological condition during the postpartum period. The matter increases if the wife is a mother for the first time, as she needs help from everyone around her.”

And she continued: “Also, it does not require her to complete her postpartum period with her mother, unless she asks you to do so, because during this sensitive period she considers him as abandoning her and his responsibilities towards her. Permanently during this period, they nurse your wife and take care of the little one and take care of you as well.”

And she continued addressing the husband, saying: “But if she wants to spend her postpartum period in her father’s house, you must fulfill your duties towards her to the fullest extent, such as buying the child’s supplies or buying his medicines. Moral duties are also important things, so always try to make her feel loved, contained, and happy.”

And she says: “Do not forget the gift. Family and friends are always interested in buying gifts for the new baby in the family, so we find that the gifts are all small toys, tools for the child, clothes, or products for the care of the child’s hygiene, because the greatest interest is in the child, but the wife is waiting for a gift of some kind.” Someone else from her husband, so your greatest interest in buying the gift must be for her only, as her feeling of your interest and your pampering of her may remove her feeling of fatigue.”

And she emphasized: “Do not forget the roses or a piece of her favorite accessory, or gold or silver jewelry. If this matter is available to you, you can also buy her favorite type of makeup or perfume. She will be very happy while presenting it in a romantic and elegant way.”

Tips to support the wife during childbirth
Tips to support the wife during childbirth
Important tips to support the wife
Important tips to support the wife


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