3 important tips to overcome grief after any trauma

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After separation, one of the parties to the relationship may suffer from a state of sadness and not overcome it, which may make it difficult for him to coexist and return to his life in a wayPositive, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, the stages of post-traumatic grief and ways to overcome them, according to what was stated on the site. momjunction

Overcoming the pain of a breakup

Stages of grief after a breakup:

Shock :

Shock is one of the first stages of grief that a person goes through after separating from his life partner. It can happen by chance knowing that your partner left the country. In this case, you may be shocked and realize the fact that it is over. Also, shock after separation is normal, so try to take enough time to You pass this stage.


It is possible that you will suffer from denial and rejection of the fact of separation, in this case it may be normal, the reason you think that you will spend your life with this person, but suddenly the relationship ends, and you may also face difficulties in the beginnings.


Anger is a stage resulting from denial of the truth of the matter, so you may feel helpless and unable to get up again, so you find that you face your anger because of trivial and unreal things and do not require all this anxiety and nervousness, but this feeling is accumulated before, sometimes you may feel the desire to take out your anger on your friends Your close and loved ones.

How to get over a breakup:

Help yourself by yourself:

Try to stay away from negative ways of thinking, by analyzing your traits and asking questions, “What am I missing, am I an unwanted person?” So it is preferable to replace thinking about your criticism or showing your flaws to supporting yourself and accepting it with everything.


Sometimes traveling to another place with some personalities close to the heart may be an important matter and can contribute to treatment and overcome the separation phase quickly, so it is possible to search for a new place and then visit it for the first time.

Refrain from pursuing a new relationship.

Relationships are one of the important steps that can make you feel confident in yourself. But for a while, when the impulse fades away or this feeling ends, you will feel remorse for your actions, so be well thought out and do not try to relate until after a period of bad psychological state that you are going through.

Stages of grief after a breakup and tips to overcome it
Stages of grief after a breakup and tips to overcome it
Anger after a breakup
Anger after a breakup


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