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A massive stand in Rabieh to condemn the occupation’s violations and support the resistance (witness)

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publish date 2023-05-19 13:34:04

Compass – Muhammad Saad

Jordanians participated in a massive solidarity stand, which started after Friday prayers, in front of Al-Kalouti Mosque near the occupation embassy in the capital, Amman, in support and victory for the Palestinian resistance against the occupation’s violations.

Participants in the march called for by the National Forum to Support the Resistance and Protect the Homeland stressed their support for the steadfastness of the stationed men and women stationed in Jerusalem and their response to the attacks of the occupation forces and the settlers’ Judaizing schemes, and the so-called march of the flags, which constitutes a flagrant aggression against Jerusalem and the sanctities.

The participants in the event chanted slogans denouncing the Israeli attacks against Al-Aqsa Mosque, and calling for the Palestinian resistance to confront these attacks, and others called for the closure of the occupation embassy in Amman and the cancellation of the Wadi Araba Treaty.

The participants raised the Jordanian and Palestinian flags massively in response to the “flag march” in Jerusalem, calling on the Arab and Islamic peoples to raise the Palestinian flags everywhere, in response to the arrogance and aggression of the occupation, and its claims about the city of Jerusalem.

The participants called on the Jordanian government to assume its responsibilities towards the Palestinian cause and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, as it has religious jurisdiction over the holy sites.

They stressed the need for a firm stance towards these violations, stopping dealing with the occupation and canceling all agreements with it, including the energy and water agreement.

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