How to make cannelloni with white sauce..a delicious dish, try it

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To get rid of the daily routine, search for a way to make easy, light and new dishes that help you renew the taste and enjoy the taste, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, in the following lines, how to make cannelloni with bechamel and minced meat according to Chef Mai Siam’s method.


How to make cannelloni with bechamel: Ingredients:


A cup and a half of flour

a cup of milk

One tablespoon of oil


black pepper

Crispy minced meat


2 A tablespoon of flour

2a cup of milk


black pepper

grated cheese

How to prepare cannelloni:

First, prepare the cannelloni layers

Then prepare a bowl and mix eggs, milk, salt, black pepper and oil with a hand mixer

Then add the flour and mix well

Get a cake-like texture

Then prepare a non-stick pan on the fire, wipe it with a little oil

Then put a ram of the mixture and put it in the bowl and leave it until it dries from the back and turn on the other side for a few seconds and remove it from the fire

Repeat the steps until we finish the dough

Then we take a layer of cannelloni layers and stuff the sticky meat and wrap the roll

Then put it in Pyrex or any tray

Stuff all the cannelloni layers and stack them together

Put bechamel on its face and a sprinkle of cheese and put it in a very hot oven until it takes on a golden color

Bechamel preparation:

Prepare a pot and add ghee

Then the flour and stir until it changes color

Add milk and season with salt and black pepper

Leave to boil

Place on top of cannelloni rolls

Modus operandi of cannelloni with meat and bechamel
Modus operandi of cannelloni with meat and bechamel

How to make cannelloni
How to make cannelloni


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