Hairstylist tips for de-chlorinating and protecting swimming pools

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Women are keen to bathe in the swimming pool during the summer, in order to feel refreshed and improve their mood, and get rid of the feeling of extreme heat, but swimming water that contains chlorine damages the hair and makes it dry, not to mention scalp itching and sensitivity, and exposure to ultraviolet sunlight It damages hair, according to Vogue magazine.

Tips for hairdressers to protect it while swimming

Hair stylists recommend using shampoo to deeply clean hair after swimming, and it is preferable to wear a headgear when exposed to the sun to provide strong protection for hair.

Protect hair while swimming

Hair stylists recommend tying the hair in a loose braid or high knot before bathing in the pool, to keep the hair out of the water as much as possible, while avoiding applying a tight hair style to avoid pulling the hair strands and damaging the strands.

Hair care in the shower
Hair care in the shower

Hairdressers have warned by dipping the head in a chlorine-rich pool, which causes the hair to absorb those harmful chemicals in the water, which may cause hair damage and even hair loss. Therefore, it is recommended to wash the hair first with cold water and conditioner before bathing in the pool.

Tips for hairdressers to protect it while swimming
Tips for hairdressers to protect it while swimming

And he is keen to cover the hair with conditioner first, which is considered as a protective barrier between the hair and chlorine, then wash the hair with cold water that helps in closing the scalp, before swimming and after swimming exercises, the hair must be washed gently under the shower, as chlorine is a bleaching agent, so excessive exposure It causes the hair to lighten, so argan oil or coconut oil must be applied and left, as the oil covers all the hair, soothes and protects it.


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